Hiring a Vaccine Lawyer FAQ

Vaccine Injury Attorneys discussing litigation techniques

Filing a claim for compensation for a vaccine injury involves initiating a legal claim in the United States Court of Federal Claims (“USCFC”).  An individual may represent himself or herself as a pro se petitioner in filing a claim from start to finish. 

What is the advantage of having legal representation?

The biggest benefit an attorney can offer is his or her experience in working with vaccine claims and sharing that information with you.  The Vaccine Program that oversees claims within the USCFC is increasingly complex and lengthy.  At a minimum, vaccine claims involve collection and analysis of medical records, preparation of written submissions to the court, participation in telephonic status conferences, communication with opposing counsel and potential drafting of settlement demands and supporting documentation.  In more involved cases, an attorney retains medical experts, prepares legal briefs, represents a client at hearing and addresses appellate issues, if necessary.  Each step of a case is nuanced and unique. 

Most importantly, an attorney with experience in the Vaccine Program can better negotiate settlements in eligible claims.  An attorney with experience working in this Program will be able to navigate the process while keeping you informed, which will result in a better outcome for you.

How then, do you go about selecting an attorney? 

Because the Vaccine Program is administered in the USCFC, an attorney must be licensed in that court to represent a vaccine injury claim.  The Vaccine Program is a national program.  For that reason, an attorney who is licensed to practice in the Vaccine Program may represent your claim, even if he or she is located across the country.  Conway Homer, PC has proudly represented clients across this country.  Our firm has practiced exclusively in the Vaccine Program for over 30 years and represented many successful claims.

There is no cost to you for having legal representation.  The Vaccine Program was created with the understanding that many individuals who are dealing with sometimes devastating vaccine injuries should not bear the cost of legal representation.  Therefore, attorneys can be reimbursed through the Program for their fees and expenses upon the conclusion of a case.  Vaccine injured individuals do not pay any attorneys’ fees when bringing a claim in the Program.

In short, there is no risk in contacting us to learn more about your potential vaccine injury claim.  Our firm has been invested in this work for more than thirty years, and we would be pleased to share our wealth of knowledge with you.  We are proud of the work we have achieved and the countless settlements we have negotiated for our clients.  There can be a lot to navigate when managing a vaccine injury, let us guide you through the process of evaluating your claim in the Vaccine Program.

Helpful information to have at hand:

  • Type of vaccine received
  • Date the vaccine was administered

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