I can't thank CH enough for all of their hard work these many years.  It has been a tough road but I feel so good that justice ultimately prevailed.
Montez P. (Colorado)
I worked with several of the staff in the process of getting my claim submitted.  I found them all thorough, efficient, helpful, supportive, professional and pleasant.  On a scale of 1-10, I'd rate my experience in dealing with CH an 11, and I'd rate their people even higher!  Submitting a claim under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund guidelines is time consuming, burdensome and challenging.  CH turned a scary process into as manageable a process as such an undertaking can be.  If you think you might need the benefit of the firm's services, expertise and experience, I highly recommend them!
Don P. (Idaho)
I am so fortunate that I found the team at CH.  They made the process as easy as possible for me.  They handled everything and always kept me informed.  I was able to focus all my attention on healing, and my case was settled satisfactorily because of the firm’s commitment and expertise.  I cannot thank them enough for their professionalism and care.  I highly recommend CH.
Aimee D. (Pennsylvania)
During a particularly strenuous period, both physically and emotionally, CH provided us the representation we needed to maintain hope.  By working with the CH team, the experience was painless and successful.  Sincerely, they helped our entire family to a place of better financial stability and peace-of-mind.
Adam (Massachusetts)
I had a great experience working with CH.  I appreciate their diligence, professionalism, and extraordinary efforts.  In the end, we won my vaccine injury case and I received a fair settlement.  I am extremely happy with my choice of representation.
Steve (Massachusetts)
I am pleased with the work that CH did for me.  Despite my vaccine injury, I am more at ease knowing that these great people helped me.  They were very professional and courteous through the entire process.
Shana S. (Florida)
CH was totally professional and friendly through the entire ordeal.  I was completely satisfied with their efforts and my result.
Bob C. (Florida)
The staff at CH are very courteous and compassionate about helping people.  They are extremely professional and someone was always available to help answer my questions.  I always felt like they knew me personally, and that they really cared about helping any way they could.  They are the best!
Wanda U. (Illinois)
The attorneys and staff involved in my case were highly professional and extremely knowledgeable about the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund.  The staff showed great compassion and concern about my personal health.  I am grateful to CH, and recommend them without hesitation or reservation.
Steven S (Massachusetts)
I feel very fortunate to have been a client of CH.  They were the only ones who believed in me and treated me with compassion and respect.  Even my own doctor doubted me, saying it was probably just a coincidence.  I worked closely with them, and they always kept me informed during each step of the process.    
Debbie H. (Washington)
The best decision I made after suffering a vaccine injury was to choose CH to represent me.  Their expertise allowed me to receive the best possible vaccine injury compensation award.  I was always kept informed regarding the status of my case and I always felt confident in how my case was being handled.  
David H. (Wisconsin)