Case Study: Autoimmune limbic encephalitis

Diagnosis: Autoimmune limbic encephalitis

An 11-year-old child received the Tdap and Menactra vaccinations.  Within three days, she experienced the onset of headache and fever.  Within one week of receiving her vaccinations,  she experienced the onset of an ultimately intractable seizure disorder, and was diagnosed with autoimmune limbic encephalitis.  She was placed in a medically induced coma, underwent a tracheostomy and was placed on a G Tube for feeding, and required inpatient care for more than seven months.  The child remains cognitively impaired and requires 24-hour care.  She continues to experience seizures daily.

Result: Petitioner was awarded $2,022,234.46, inclusive of lost future earnings, pain and suffering, and the first year of her future medical expenses. A lump sum of $84,643.06 was separately paid to petitioner’s guardians for past unreimbursed expenses. The petitioner was also awarded an annuity sufficient to pay for future medical expenses related to her vaccine injury for the rest of her life. Finally, petitioner’s guardians were awarded a lump sum of $152,072.51 in costs associated with maintaining guardianship over her estate.